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DSYMS for AutoCAD LT Последната версия 6.0


Отзив за софтуера

В момента нямаме отзиви за софтуера: DSYMS for AutoCAD LT, версия 6.0.\nАко искате да напишете отзив за този софтуер, моля, направете го и го изпратете и ние с удоволствие ще го включим тук.\n

A single Pull-down Menu symbols library Add-on for
AutoCAD LT97 through LT2006,
geared towards the 2D ARCHITECTURAL and Interiors
disciplines. It is designed to add a whole collection
of routines, and enhancements, to the Basic AutoCAD LT
menu. The package includes the Pull-down Menu file
which contains our entire symbols library package
geared towards Architecture and Interiors with over
680 blocks (organized in Pop up menus, and accessible
through Content Explorer); a whole collection of new
toolbars, over 330 new Hatch Patterns (Architectural
mostly, organized by type and name, available through
the BHATCH command and Content Explorer in LT98/Design
Center in LT2000) and over 90 fonts; an HTML based
Help file that is hyperlinked to give you instant and
direct access; and redefined quick commands list
giving you access to almost every command and system
variables. All blocks are created on Layer 0, with
Color and Linotype set to By Block: this allows you to
determine what Color and Linotype you want when
inserting (the only way to create blocks).


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